Waiting…and Waiting

With my chinese visa application mailed off , I am now officially crossing my fingers that it will take less then the two weeks I’m banking on. I don’t have my plane ticket and won’t buy it until I know if I can actually go. Waiting is always a scary thing, the ticket prices are even scarier as I edge closer to peak flying season.

Here has what the cost has been so far:

6 month multiple entry visa  (including pics, mailing  and agency fee)- $160

The rest of the expenses are yet to come, and I’m trying to estimate the rest of the costs.

I’m banking on less than $700 for a plane ticket, and for a daily budget around $50 a day.

But we’ll see…

For now though, crossing my fingers, and packing and cleaning.



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One thought on “Waiting…and Waiting

  1. Hahah sadly I know how this is … missed out on on-time application for Indian visa when in Australia – So I am having to apply for one in Sri Lanka — Fun

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