The Joys of the Wrong Address

So my passport came back the other day, no visa. Luckily it was just a chance of sending it to a vacant building (thank you internet once again for providing me with the wrong address), rather than a big fat “NO!” from the Chinese embassy. Still I’m a little more then scared now as I was supposed to leave next week, and this will delay my trip longer then I wanted to. I didn’t get the express  service so it should be about four days, plus the time of shipping.

Once again, I’m crossing my fingers, and making backup plans if things don’t work out. If I don’t get a visa, my plan is to send it back with a note attached stating “I promise not to cause any international incidents.” This matter is out of my hands, so I’m not going to worry, yet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m now making a list of what I need to do before I leave.

Plane ticket :  This one is kind of  important, but because I don’t know the status on my visa, this one will have to wait. Even if ticket prices to China are slowly inching towards peak season prices. Sigh…

Insurance:   I am hoping to go with the last company I went with providing I still can after getting sick in Bolivia.

Bank:   Call them to let them know where I’m going. I’ve had my credit and debit cards locked out in other countries because my financial institution thought everything of mine was stolen. Kudos to them, but oops on my behalf.

Money:   Canadian to Chinese Yuan. I’m figuring around $300 for the first few weeks. I don’t feel comfortable carrying anymore cash on me than that. I’ll continue working while I travel so I will still have a (very small) income coming in. Hopefully I won’t have to touch any of my savings this year minus the plane ticket and visa.

Letter to employer:  I’ve never had any problems taking time off before so hopefully asking for a longer period of time off won’t be much of a problem.

Those are the major ones that I need to tackle this week, plus about 50 million other small ones. So in between working, and teaching my  dad computer lessons, everything seems to be coming together.

Cross your fingers for me.




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