Trip Planning

Oh, you mean I need to keep writing to keep people reading? Funny how this blogging stuff works…so let’s continue of with this adventure of trying to get to China.

Currently I am up to a cost of $135 after all the cost of the visa stuff got sorted, and I’m still waiting. So far, so good,  except that I was originally supposed to leave today.

I’ve been looking at the guidebooks and China as it turns out is a big, HUGE country.  I am sure I could spend months and months there.

Traveling leisurely has never really been a  concept in my books until this year.  Usually it was me going from city, to city at a pace that probably wasn’t the most conducive to sightseeing. So the upcoming trip I’m promising myself to move a little slower, because what do I really have to return to anyways?

I’ve also started reading blogs on advice about travel. Not that I’m a newbie or anything, but i want to see  other people are doing it. Twitter has also been great for collecting information if all you do is follow travellers.

“Eat probiotic yogurt” one said to me. Ok, so I went to the grocery store  and brought two tubs of organic pro-biotic stuff. In reality though, I’m thinking I would probably fare much better if I hid under the tables at the food court and ate whatever dropped on the ground to build up my stomach again.

“Eat garlic” so I fried up enough of it one night to kill the entire cast of Twilight.

“Get your stomach used to the food before you go.” Somehow though I don’t think the people in the neighbourhood would be happy if I gathered up the pets and turned them into stew. And no one seemed to carry Yak.

Eating before you travel started sounding like  the food network. So as I ponder my culinary travel advice on how to stay healthy, I’m now crossing my toes as well for a visa.




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2 thoughts on “Trip Planning

  1. Good luck with your visa! I visited Shanghai over 20 years ago, in deep summer, and I remember mostly (besides the heat) the 1940s look of the streets and downtown, like an old movie, and the streets full of bicyclists. It’s a lot different now!

  2. Thanks! I’m excited! I wish I could have seen it 20 years ago….and the rest of China. THings have changed so much.

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