Visa, Ticket, Check!

And so with the good news I finally have a visa into China. Double entry (up to 60 days each time) and good until May. Perfect!

I also booked my ticket on the cheapest date I could find. So December 31st, I’ll be leaving. Wohooo!

So cost so far

Visa:  $165.00 CDN (Yes the price once again changed because I never got any money returned)

Ticket: $597.91, which is pretty good I say. It’s about that much to fly to the next province over. I think I’ll stick with flying to Shanghai though.

The base price was a mere $391.00, but once you added surcharges ($15.00), fuel surcharges ( $145.00), Canadian Airport Improvement Fee (pfffft $20.00) , and Air Travellers Security Charge (pffft again $25.91), it added up.

So far the cost of the trip is $762.91. I think I’m doing ok for financing so far. Visa is already paid off, and I’ll be able to pay off the ticket before I leave.

Next up, hostels (for the first while anyways).

Hello You and I are about to became besties again after ignoring you for so long.


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One thought on “Visa, Ticket, Check!

  1. Good luck with your trip! I suggest that you go to Yunnan on your trip. Cheers!

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