The Twenty-nine Year Old Bucket List

There are many things a woman needs to figure out by the time she reaches the last of her twenties.

Her signature lip colour (check), scent (nothing, as work is always scent free), and how to score free drinks (If only I drank).

Marriage and babies may happen, but more  often, they’re being delayed to pursue  goals, dreams, and of course world travel. It’s not that being a mom or wife  isn’t important, but that can wait, if you choose, for a little while longer.

Which leads me to this blog post because at the newly-minted age of twenty-nine, unlike everyone else I know, I don’t have a bucket list. Which means my life is simply becoming a meandering journey, going where it takes me. Not that THAT lifestyle is wrong either, but I’d like a little more direction.

Gone are my dreams of  18 that included owning a house, driving a car, and having a super hunky husband. Those things just don’t seem in the cards anymore. I’m comfortable renting, catching the bus, and, well, I’ve been told that my time will come for love. Personally though, I’m now banking on the 50 cats I’ll find in the back alley and bring home with me. Whiskers, Mittens, Friskies…

For 29 this year then, I decided to make the last year before 30, good, and have some direction.

So this my friends, is a work in progress, feel free to throw  in some ideas. Unless you’re one of those mean girls that hate me, please don’t contribute.

***”The 29 Year Old Bucket List” also known as “A Work In Progress”***

A list in random order.

*Realize I don’t live a rock star life. It’s no different from anyone elses. Maybe a little more traveled, but really, no better than any one elses. Everyone has good, everyone has bad and so on. Which means, being understanding about people who are not like me.  Probably easier said than done, but I’m willing to give it a  try.

* Make more  girl-friends. Where did all of mine go?  At this rate, if I ever get married I’ll have all my guy friends dressed in pink satin. Classy. I love the few I have, but expanding wouldn’t hurt.

* Stop paying attention to the people who think they have rock star lives. In fact  stop paying attention to people who don’t matter. With social media, it’s so easy to (ahem) spy, but most people aren’t worth paying attention to, despite what they may think.

* Eat better, eat healthier.  I’m a vegetarian, but lately, my eating habits have gone downhill. From now on, when I’m back at home, anything that comes from an animal will be organic. I thought about going vegan, but that’s hard, and soygurt tastes disgusting. Traveling will be a little bit harder for this so I need to give at least a little bit more leeway on this one.

*Learn a new language. I have 27 more days until I depart for China, so Mandarin will be it for this one.

* Travel, travel, travel! And don’t be afraid or listen to what others say. I’ve held back so many times because people have told me it’s dangerous to do stuff on your own as a girl, but this year, is different.

* Expand my source of knowledge . The media in my city is sub-par and rarely report on major issues. World news affects me more than my local news, so it’s time to start looking for other media outlets. Fox News perhaps?

* Read, write, and listen more. I have a lot to learn.

* Leran how to do videography, and better photography. It’s becoming a very competitive market now, and although my stuff sells, more and more people are coming out with better stuff every day.

* Ignore the haters. Be civil and polite to the ex’s, but nothing more.

* Figure out how to do a make-up routine. I’m actually pretty low key, so this is easy. And I think I have it all figured out anyways.

* More DIY on everything in life.

*Budget better. This next trip will be a good lesson I think.

*Work more, work harder, and get involved more often!

Now, that’s all I could think of for now, but if anyone has ideas, I’m always looking for suggestions.

Hello 29, here I come.


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24 thoughts on “The Twenty-nine Year Old Bucket List

  1. Thans for visisting my blog and “liking” what I wrote. You will have fun in China and I like the fact that you are taking on these challenges. I look forward to reading what your experiences will be in China. Dont be afraid to eat the food – it is probably better than where you are now, has less preservatives and is more organic.

  2. Great list! At 40 I am still trying to find a signature lip colour and a makeup routine! Whenever I wear it I feel like a clown 🙂

    Best of luck on your adventures!

  3. Hi there! Good luck with your trip to China — and as someone who has been studying Mandarin since 2002, I just want to say don’t be discouraged by how freaking hard it is… enjoy the rest of the sights and sounds and smells (!) of Shanghai and all the other places you go!

  4. Eileen on said:

    “More DIY on everything in life.”

    More DIY is always a good thing! ANNNDDD it can help you with your budget a lot!

  5. Definitely nothing wrong with your lifestyle! I’m not very good at planning ahead but I kind of enjoy passing the time in peace, as well. Not sure what I really want to do with my life but we both will hopefully have lots of time left to figure it out 🙂

    From what I hear, Fox News is pretty terrible but I don’t have any easy alternatives to recommend. I get most of my news from the Economist but I’m not sure how much of their site is paywalled. Besides that, I hear random titbits on reddit 😛

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love this post; your bucket list is quite inspiring. I don’t have one either, but I think mine would probably look a lot like yours. Putting you in my reader 🙂

    Happy Birthday to you!

  7. This sounds like some great challenges for yourself. Good luck!

  8. Loved your bucket list.

    Amazing is, that with just one think you can cover many of your goals :

    Travelling. It can help you learn a new language, making new friends, you ll expand your knowledge and will even help you with photography, plus you will gain new experiences..

    ♥ Happy 29 😉

  9. “*Stop paying attention to the people who think they have rock star lives. In fact stop paying attention to people who don’t matter. With social media, it’s so easy to (ahem) spy, but most people aren’t worth paying attention to, despite what they may think.”

    This! I need this written on my mirror so I have to stare at it every morning.

    I’m still working on a signature lip color. I always feel silly in lipstick. Perhaps I will move this to the top of my list. Sounds like fun.

    • THanks! It’s amazing how addicted people are to watching each others mediocre lives. I look at all the women saying how “rockstar” their lives are and know it’s only an act. they’re just too scared to admit they’re home alone on a Friday night. There is nothing wrong with reading a book instead of going to a bar!
      I don’t usually use lipstick, lipstain though yes!

  10. At this point (age 57) I know that what I thought I was going to do when I was 18…and 29…are no where close to what has actually happened. Keep your eyes open, grab opportunities even if they aren’t packaged in a way you were told were ideal, realize that you can change your mind after a reasonable amount of time pursuing something, and contact those friends you do feel you have kept. I realized when my husband was dying from cancer that the funeral would have one bright spot: all my best friends would be there. Oh, and realize that some things may happen when least expected…like my last baby at age 40.

  11. Awesome post. I made a list of things/habits/traits I wanted to get done by my 30th (halfway through being 29) and I think just the act of putting the list down helps provide direction. I met about 60% of those goals which was more than enough to make me a happier person. Good luck with yours!

    “Travel, travel, travel! And don’t be afraid or listen to what others say.”
    Just starting to learn how to do this. Interestingly, it doesn’t just apply to girls traveling alone. I was strongly discouraged from making a solo trip to Mexico City, but I think it was the best decision I’ve made in a while to go ahead with it! Good luck with your trip to China! I’m sure it will be a fantastic experience!

  12. mine would be “Practice being Grateful” because it makes me stop and smell the roses and attracts more good into my life.Enjoy the journey

  13. Thanks for reading and “liking” my post, always nice to have an impact. As far as your bucket list goes appreciate and revel in the present before looking to the future, before you know it “now” will become “then” and you’ll wonder what happened.

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