Health Insurance

With 27 days left (but who’s really counting) China is slowly approaching. I feel like i shouldn’t really be talking about this trip because last time I had announced I was leaving for Asia again in the summer, my plans got totally derailed.  Let’s see what happens this time.

With a hostel booked for the first few days now, I’m starting to feel a little more prepared. I was originally going to couchsurf  when I first go to China, but decided against for at least the few days when I saw the price of hostels in the area. The first one I was staying at was well under $10.00 a night. Almost half of that amount in fact, so cheap. The reviews seemed decent as well so it should be ok. With a budget of $50 a day, I can afford it.

After accommodation comes health insurance. AND I PUT THIS INTO BIG BLOCK LETTERS BECAUSE IT’S SO IMPORTANT. YOU MUST GET TRAVEL INSURANCE!!! At the end of last year, I wound up very ill in a hospital in Bolivia. The insurance company I was with covered everything, but this time I’m not sure if my premiums will go up after that. I’m guessing between $150-200 for about four months of travel.  THis will come next week though, as long as I get it before I go.

Which reminds me, I also need to get health insurance for my own country. I’ve lived without it for the last two years and (knock on wood have been so lucky nothing has happened. Sure, I live in Canada, and am so grateful that I live here but that doesn’t mean I get a free ticket when it comes to health care. Medication are expensive, and if (god forbid) anything happens, private nursing is also costly. And of course at the end of life, things can get even worse . I’m scared to even think of what could happen, so for 29, I’m going to get the best health coverage I can afford. I know I’m lucky that I can do this, because not everyone can in this world. Granted, if anything were to happen, I would indeed be heading somewhere else much cheaper if I had to pay out of pocket. Many people are now heading to Mexico, India, and of course, China for everything from cheap medication to a new kidney. It’s cheaper, and less of a wait time. That thinking though  has created a new set of problems though as I watched a video the other day about organ harvesting from prisoners. With China doing thousands of executions er year (not that you can prove that), there are plenty of unused organs lying around, which are being sold on an upscale rate of $100,000.

When we talk about our world becoming smaller, it’s becoming smaller on every scale, and health care is slowly closing the gaps.

So mom, if you’ve found my blog yet (which you probably haven’t), all I wnat for Christmas is a few months of health coverage!

Until next time, A.



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4 thoughts on “Health Insurance

  1. Whoops I mean 24 days! Wohoo, China here I come!

  2. I find it kind of odd that there is less of a wait time in other countries. Do you think it’s because people are more unhealthy in America and eat a bunch of junk and are lazy… or do you think they are just using organs from whomever in other countries? If so, that’s very dangerous… especially if someone had AIDS or Hepatitus.

    • It’s because if you have money, you don’t have to wait. Private health care is amazing in many developing countries. However organ donation is incredibly risky when you buy from another country. Screening could be way less rigorous, or the organ could have been bought off someone very poor, which opens a whole new can of worms. And also, as North Americans, we ARE very unhealthy : )

  3. Oh wow, that’s very true. I’d be terrified to be donated an organ in a different country. It just sounds very risky to me.

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