The Korea Question

It’s been a bad year for bastards. First it was Osama, then Gadaffi, and tonight Kim Jong Il.  Now that they’re dead, It doesn’t really make the world a safer place, perhaps just a slightly less crazier place for us to live in, until the next baddies mark their territory.

Five years I moved to Korea, and was constantly hit with the question “Are you going to North or South?” I’m sure these people meant well, but it was surprising  since North and South were two very different places. Obviously my friends had missed the “Team America’s” guide to dictators and were a little lost.

I loved South Korea, every minute of it. Although not my first time being abroad, it was my first major long term stay abroad. And if anybody is thinking about doing it , do it.

I’ve been considering going back after I turn thirty for a year or two to teach again. The pay is great, and the private (illegal) tutoring money even better. I managed to save a huge chunk of money there and still lived an amazing life. It’s easy when you get paid a comparable salary  to North America, but live on Asian country pricing. Most  importantly though, South Korea, was a safe and hospitable place. There were some days that were frustrating, but the good always made up for the bad and I learned quick.

Tat sums it up in a nutshell, but I could write forever about my 13 months there.

On a completely different note, I leave for China in exactly 2 weeks and I’m feeling so unprepared, or that something will happen to keep me from going on this trip.

Being my last week of work I need to contact my employer and tell them I’m on a one way ticket to “paradise”.  Christmas of course is happening, but that’s the least important thing to worry about as I’m hoping just to pretend it exists this year.

Also, Yuan. Unfortunately the exchange rate is quite low against the Canadian dollar right now (about 6.28) but, you know, there’s not time machine that I can hop into to exchange currency when the rate was right.

After that, insurance, all three kinds. Travel, house and medical.

And lastly, saying goodbye to everyone, which will be fairly easy as most people think I’m not here anyways.

So until next time…counting down the days.



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2 thoughts on “The Korea Question

  1. I wish you would write more about it! I applied yesterday to some schools all over the world, but I avoided the Korea/ China positions. It’s nice to hear that you were able to save some $$ and that you loved it. I read on one site, that unless you can save 40%, keep looking. Words of advice?? Where were you in South Korea? Will you teach in China?

  2. This is incredibly exciting. I really wish I’d done some sort of study abroad during school… seems like a painfully sad missed opportunity.

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