It’s me, Angela!

Why write this blog?

How could I not be curious about what life is like on the other side? After all there are now more then seven billion living on this planet and everybody has a different life, even if you live in the ‘burbs.

There’s a million other travel blogs out there, some good, some bad, and some very, very boring. However, few are still being written by solo female backpackers. We’ve been taught that girls are supposed to travel to safe places (like Australia), go on group tours (like Contiki), and of course follow the guidelines of “Eat, Pray, Love” and go chasing after love. These are the “hard-core” ones, the others go lie on  beach in (fill in the name of sunny destination) and go shopping in Vegas.  Pfffft. Sorry if you’ve done any of the above, but I think we as females need to step it up a bit in the realm of backpacking.

Our world is SO amazing (insert sparkles, glitter and unicorns around this sentence) and it’s a shame to pass it up because we’re still being told that’s it’s socially unacceptable  for a female to “run with the boys”.

Things need to change and I’m hear to show it’s possible.

From what to pack (and how to pare it down), to budgeting, to how to use a (I really suck at using these) squat toilet and still feel classy. Or not so clasys if you take a tumble into one of them.

It’s not that I’m an expert at anything in life, and I’m still learning but I’ve covered a small portion of my world map from National Geographic. From the Middle East, across Asia (ok technically we all know the Middle East is still considered part of Asia), A bit of Europe, Africa, South and North America, I’ve been able to see some pretty amazing things that people back in my city could only imagine. I’d also like to point out this time that I’m not in love with myself and have spent many hours yelling at my reflection on how I could do better. Take  THAT tiger-moms!

So feel free to come along for the ride as I head across China  and onward until I decide to come home. Maybe.

Thanks  for following,



3 thoughts on “It’s me, Angela!

  1. I am very in love with myself. Apparently, people like reading about me anyway. 😉

  2. I won’t say I love myself, but I do kind of like me. I see you are off to China. It is on my list, so I will live vicariously through your blog while you are there, assuming that you are posting from there. Thanks for the comment.

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